Fishing and Hunting

Fishing and Hunting
Santa Figures
Clothtique® by Possible Dreams
Fabriche™ by Kurt S. Adler


Clothtique® and Fabriche™ figurines
utilize a stiffened cloth technique to create fine sculptural detailing.
Possible Dreams Hunting and Fishing Santas
You Snooze You Lose New for 2014
Item Sku: 4038688

You Snooze You Lose

Look at who comes out while Santa naps. Santa should remember that if you snooze, you lose. Introduced 2014.
Merriest Catch New for 2014
Item Sku: 4038623

Merriest Catch

Looks like Santa will soon be whipping up a batch of his famous cioppino. He caught a crab in his net along with some festive wrapped presents. Introduced 2014.
10” H

Catch of the Year Item Sku: 4033666

Catch of the Year

Santa needs a bigger pan. There is no way his record breaking catch of the year is going to fit in his camping skillet. Now what is he going to do? Introduced 2013
Hooked a Big One Item Sku: 4033685

Hooked a Big One

Wow!!! This one is really putting up a fight. He must be huge. Wait until Santa figures out he has caught himself. Introduced 2013

Catching a Nap Item Sku: 4027004

Catching a Nap

Santa in boat with reindeer. The only thing Santa is catching on this fishing trip is a nap. I guess he figures his fishing buddy will let him know if there are any bites…other than the one to his sandwich.
Introduced 2012
6.25”H x 6.25”W s 10.25”L
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Possible Dreams Fishn Pants Item Sku: 4022379

Possible Dreams Fish’n Pants

Santa interrupts his Christmas duties to enjoy the fishing season. Unfortunately he has lost count and may be a little over his limit.
Introduced 2011


Possible Dreams One Fish, Two Fish Item Sku: 4022366

Possible Dreams One Fish, Two Fish

Set of 2. Santa is having so much fun decorating his beach themed Christmas trees that he almost doesn't want to place the starfish on top to finish it off.
Introduced 2011
Peanut Butter And Jelly For All Item Sku: 71287

Possible Dreams Peanut Butter And Jelly For All

11" height
Fabriche Hunting and Fishing Santas
New for 2014
Item Sku: C7406

Duck Hunter Santa

‘Tis the season for Santa to do some game hunting. He’s got everything ready including his rifle, binoculars and duck decoy. Fabriche Santa by Kurt S Adler. Introduced 2014.
Goin Fishin Santa Item Sku:

Goin’ Fishin’ Santa

Fabriche Santa by Kurt S. Adler
Introduced 2011
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