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Charming Tails 20th Anniversary Masterpiece Item Sku: 4027690

Charming Tails 20th Anniversary Masterpiece

Introduced 2012
So Many Years, So Many Smiles, So Many Friends, Limited Edition of 600,
Eleven Charming Friends celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Charming Tails. Comes with story card, wooden base with engraved plate. Numbered Limited Edition



In life one is truly lucky to have a friend."
The kind of friend that
reached out to take your hand
and ended up touching your heart.
How amazingly lucky to have so
many friends who have done just
that. My heart bares the fingerprints
of 20 years of charming friends.

The impression each of you made
in my life will forever more be a
part of who I am. Today we gather
together as a family, a family of
friends, each of us different yet all
bound together by the charming
friends we share.
-Dean Griff