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Decorating a bush or shrub is easy with LED Net Lights, and using net lights instead of regular light strings ensures an even distribution of lights, without any of the hassle.

Light up your tree trunk with LED Tree Trunk Net Lights - you can effortlessly add evenly spaced lighting by just wrapping the trunk of your tree with the net of lights.


LED Christmas Lights LED Net Light Red

LED Christmas Lights LED Net Light Red Item Sku: 134702-R

LED Christmas Lights LED Net Light Red

Set of 100 Micro-Chip LED Net Lights. 5mm Wide Angle shape. Indoor or Outdoor use. 4' x 6' with 1' lead and 1' tail. Green cord plugs end-to-end. 4.8 watts, .04 amps per set. 120v, UL Listed, connect up to 43 sets end-to-end.
2009 LED Technology
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