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Natural Fiber Nativity Item Sku: 8400150

Natural Fiber Nativity

An extraordinary collection of natural materials combine to shape this nativity scene. Materials include palm and moor straw, banana and maize leaves, loofah, coco palm, damahua, allo fiber and starred anise. Artisans cut various forms from these fibers and join them to a woven palm straw circle to create the nativity.
Made in Ecuador
6”D x 7”H
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Calderon Bread Dough Nativity Item Sku: 8404180

Calderon Bread Dough Nativity

Bright folk art Nativity from the community of Calderon, Ecuador, is handcrafted in painted bread dough. Bread dough folk art in Ecuador has its origins in Roman Catholic and Indian traditions. For the Day of the Dead in early November, families honor deceased relatives by placing simple bread dough figurines by their grave sites. In some regions, figures are made for the Procession of the Christ Child, a Christmas festival, and Godparents Day before Lent. Set of 6
Approx 2’H
Made in Ecuador

Located on South America’s western coast, Ecuador is home to warm and hospitable people. People and relationships are often more important than detailed schedules. Two ranges of the Andes Mountains divide the land into three natural regions: humid lowlands on the Pacific coast, temperate highlands between the ranges, and tropical rainforests to the east. More than half of the population lives along the coastal lowlands where bananas, coffee, cocoa and rice are grown. Although Spanish is the official language, 40 percent of the population speaks Quechua. Ninety percent of Ecuador’s population is Roman Catholic. A small minority follows other Christian traditions. Popular dishes in Ecuador include arroz con pollo (fried chicken with rice), llapingachos (cheese and potato cakes) and empanadas (pastries filled with meat or cheese). Fútbol, or soccer, is the favorite sport in Ecuador. Volleyball and basketball are also very popular.