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Nativities from Philippines

Philippines Nativity

(Actual Nativities in Sets may vary in size, shape and color due to being hand-crafted.)

Soft Cloth Nativity Set Item Sku: 7904790

Soft Cloth Nativity Set

Familly and the three kings take their place solidly on Earth all are hand made from sand-filled cloth bags. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph wear patterned red; the three kings dress finely in rich-colored satin cloth.
Made in the Philippines.
Figures approx. 3L x 2W
Recycled Newspaper Nativity Item Sku: 7918010

Recycled Newspaper Nativity

Set of 7. Coiled and glued newsprint forms the colorful robes of the Holy Family and the three wise men bringing gifts. Alnos wood faces and abaca fiber hair complete this simple yet unique nativity. Handcrafted by artisans working with the Womens Multipurpose Cooperative in Baguio City, the Philippines. Using an innovative process, the women turn old newspapers into new and beautiful products by wrapping the paper in narrow rolls and shaping them into forms. The pieces are then joined together with thread and/or glue. The pieces are starched to make them firm and shiny.
Made in the Philippines
Tallest figure approx. 4D x 12H
Nativities from Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago of more than 7,000 islands scattered between Indonesia and Taiwan in the western Pacific. About 95 percent of the population lives on the 11 largest islands. These 11 islands comprise 95 percent of the Philippines land mass, and are mountainous except for the coastlines. More than 90 percent of Filipinos are Christian. Small Muslim and Buddhist minorities are also represented. English and Pilipino are official languages in the Philippines. English is the main language used for business, education and government. Anong balita? This informal greeting asking, "What's new?" is commonly used between friends in the Philippines. Rice, fish, vegetables and tropical fruits are popular foods in the Philippines. Movies and ballroom dancing are popular recreation activities for Filipinos in addition to sports and picnics at the beach. In recent years, the Philippines has reeled from natural disasters and warfare, both domestic and international. Guerilla activity throughout the country adds to the unrest. The Philippines gained independence from the United States in 1946, but the United States maintained a military presence until 1992.