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Christmas Eve Santa by Pipka

Christmas Eve Santa by Pipka Item Sku: 7121203

Christmas Eve Santa by Pipka

Limited Edition of 3200 Pieces, Individually Numbered.
Introduced in 2012
The Christmas Eve Santa represents the Gift Bringer that may have been seen on illustrations around 1900 to 1910. In those poorer times, St. Nicholas wore a simple brown coat, although a bishop-red skirt peaks out from underneath, symbolizing the red robe of the original St. Nicholas. His sack is filled with loose toys as children received their gifts without packaging in those early days. A small Christmas tree with berries becomes his staff. The Christ Child, in a simple white robe, holds one hand up in blessing while the other little hand grabs a curly end of Santa's beard, reminding us that the Babe was God and human at the same time.

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