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Tannenbaum Santa by Pipka

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Tannenbaum Santa by Pipka

Introduced in 2011, Limited Edition of 3200 Pieces, Individually Numbered
Many symbols are associated with Christmas and the Christmas tree universally is the most well known. Many folk legends have grown around the Christmas tree. Christ's blessing and gift to mankind in the form of a decorated tree remains the central theme of most celebrations through out the world.
Tannenbaum Santa, as his name describes, carries a fir tree and will surprise a family Christmas morning. The fir tree has a long association with Christianity, and then ultimate with Christmas. It began in Germany almost 1,000 years ago when St Boniface, who converted the German people to Christianity, was said to have come across a group of pagans worshipping an oak tree. In anger, St Boniface is said to have cut down the oak tree and to his amazement a young fir tree sprung up from the roots of the oak tree. St Boniface took this as a sign of the Christian faith. But it was not until the 16th century that fir trees were brought indoors at Christmas time.
Late in the Middle Ages, Germans and Scandinavians placed evergreen trees inside their homes or just outside their doors to show their hope in the forthcoming spring. Legend has it that Martin Luther began the tradition of decorating trees to celebrate Christmas. One crisp Christmas Eve, about the year 1500, he was walking through snow-covered woods and was struck by the beauty of a group of small evergreens. Their branches, dusted with snow, shimmered in the moonlight. When he got home, he set up a little fir tree indoors so he could share this story with his children. He decorated it with candles, which he lighted in honor of Christ's birth.
In America the Christmas tree tradition most likely came from the Hessian troops during the American Revolution or with German immigrants that settled in Pennsylvania and Ohio. The Christmas tree market was born in 1851 when a Catskill farmer hauled two ox-driven sleds of evergreens into New York City and sold them all. By 1900, one in five American families had a Christmas tree, and 20 years later, the custom was nearly universal.
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