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Purr-fect Santa Nap

Purr-fect Santa Nap Item Sku: 11387

Purr-fect Santa Nap

Limited Edition of 9700
Santa loves all animals, but there is just something so purr-fect about taking a nap with his cats. He has quite a few because, as Earnest Hemingway said, "One cat just leads to another" and he just can't seem to say "no" when a cat is in need or appears on his doorstep. Besides, what could be better than having a warm, purring body, or two, on your lap while you nap? The busy world slows down to the magical rhythm of the cat, peace sets in, and sleep is deep and refreshing. Each cat and kitten is a work of art to be admired in awe, for as a famous artist once said, “The smallest feline is a masterpiece. It seems Leonardo da Vinci knew what he was talking about. Sleep well, Santa! Pipka shares her life with her cat, Tigger. Today, Tigger is visiting Santa, perched above Santa’s left shoulder.

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