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Russian Father Christmas

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Russian Father Christmas

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Throughout the ages, Santas had different names, like St Nicholas, Kris Kringle and Father Christmas. He is known as Dedushka Moroz, Grandfather Frost, in Russia. Most of the Santas that visited children in the olden days were dressed simply, in brown or black coats. With the advent of postcards and Christmas cards, artists began portraying Santa in more elaborate clothes, like this Old Russian Father Christmas. Some twenty years ago, a friend sent me a card with an old fashioned Santa on it; a reproduction from one of those old postcards. The Santa was beautiful, dressed in a brilliant coat and elaborate detail. It inspired me to paint a Santa on wood and give it to my mother for Christmas. This was the first Santa I ever painted. He became the Russian Father Christmas, Dedushka Moroz, to me because of his ornately embroidered coat, tunic and Cossack boots. This Santa, and the joy I felt painting him, spurred me on to design Santas from all over the world. Pipka
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