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Santa of Music by Pipka

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Santa of Music by Pipka

Introduced in 2011. Limited Edition of 9700 Pieces
Music and Christmas are always associated with each other. From quartets singing carols on street corners to orchestras filling the air with majestic Christmas symphonies, music celebrating this special time is found the world around.

A Christmas carol is a song whose lyrics center on the theme of Christmas. Traditional Christmas carols focus on Christian celebration of the birth of the Christ Child. Other Christmas songs focus on more secular holiday themes, such as winter scenes, family gatherings, and Santa Claus.

Adorned with instruments of every kind, the Santa of Music hurries to deliver each shiny new horn, drum, guitar and flute to good boys and girls throughout the world. What better gift then the gift of music? Tiny instrument ornaments decorate the tree Santa is carrying that may be a present for the music school in a village down the road. The most treasured gift of all is an old time Victrola, made by The Victor Talking Machine Company from 1901 through 1929.
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