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The Norwegian Santa is being lead through the dark, winter night by his lantern, which symbolizes the Light of Christ. The use of candles and luminaries are popular during the holiday. Santa Claus in Norway is called “Julenissen” and looks very much like the Santas found elsewhere in the world. However, there exists another character whose name ends with “nisse” in the Norwegian folklore, a peculiar figure named the “Fjøsnisse”. For a long time, when most Norwegians were farmers, this “Nisse” was believed to be a secret helper in the barn. If the farm family was kind to him and left him a bowl of porridge every Christmas eve, he would be nice to them and be very helpful during the next year. If they didn’t, they could expect accidents, sick animals and mysterious noises. Santa is wearing snow shoes as he treks across the soft, fluffy snow covered parts of Norway. Snowshoes allowed him to move around easier while he searched for homes with good boys and girls sleeping and dreaming.
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