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A child of Russia knows Father Christmas to be Dedushka Moroz or Grandfather Christmas. Since Russian is known for its very cold temperatures and abundance of snow, this Farther Christmas figure is dressed in white. Santa is holding a bundle of hay, representing the farmers who spread hay on the floors and tables to encourage horses to feed to grow in the coming year. Some rural Russians also make clucking noises to encourage their hens to lay eggs. He also carries a bear which represents the world renowned Russian circus that have been a treat for young and old alike throughout the world. Since the reign of Catherine the Great, the circus has played an important role in the rich cultural traditions of Russia. In Russia, the circus is regarded as an art form on par with the ballet or opera, a showcase for highly skilled and creative artists.

In Russia the religious festival of Christmas is being replaced by the Festival of Winter yet there are many traditions that are still kept. The official Christmas and holiday season in Russia lasts from 31st of December to the 10th of January. The Russian Christmas greeting is 'S Rozhdestvom!'. Some people fast on Christmas Eve, until the first star has appeared in the sky. People then eat 'sochivo', a dish made from wheat or rice with honey and fruit. Other special Christmas food includes cakes, pies and 'meat dumplings'. Later. hymns and carols are sung. People gather in churches which have been decorated with the usual Christmas trees or Yelka, flowers and colored lights.
Introduced 2010
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