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Possible Dreams Western Santas


Don't miss out on all the fun. Grab your partner, saddle up and join Santa for a down-home Western Ho-Ho-Holiday celebration!

Possible Dreams Santas are handcrafted collectibles with meticulous detailing. The Clothtique fabrics bring a unique realism to each design.

Doodle-Doo New for 2014
Item Sku: 4037288


There have been a lot of country western duos. But none quite like this pair. They are sure to be a favorite due to their colorful fabric bandanas, stylish cowboy hats and strong desire to liven up the holiday season. Introduced 2014.
10 H
Go-Round Item Sku: 4033673


Wind-up musical; plays Jingle Bells Cowboy Claus loves participating in rodeo competitions. For someone that works hard all year to make toys it's nice to have a hobby that takes only 8 seconds. Introduced 2013

Cookie Roundup Item Sku: 4030999

Cookie Roundup

List can be personalized by you with a permanent marker. Don't dilly-dally too long or Santa will have eaten all the cookies and drank all the milk. There is nothing like a Holiday Ho Down to make a cowboy peckish. Introduced 2013
Cowboy Up Item Sku: 4027001

Cowboy Up

Santa has a cowboy attitude as he rides his chestnut brown rocking horse filly. Be sure to check out the fringe decorating his suede chaps and vest.
Introduced 2012
11.8H x 5.9W x 7.5L

Possible Dreams Dancing With The Claus Item Sku: 4022064

Possible Dreams Dancing With The Claus

Set of 2. Mr. and Mrs. Claus two step to the dance floor to start the next dance. Maybe it will be a line dance with all the elves participating.
Introduced 2011
11.75H x 4.75W x 10.25L
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