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Fanciful Mouse Miniatures Handcrafted in the USA since 1972

“Wee Forest Folk is a small family business which delights in an entirely handcrafted line of miniatures, most of which are mice, in Carlisle, Massachusetts. Each miniature sculpture is a casting of an original piece sculpted from clay. Meticulous hand-painting brings each sculpture to life and enhances each little personality.”

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Kitty Cupboard Item Sku: M-480A

Kitty Cupboard

Two little kitties waiting for play time! Sculpted by Donna.
Approx. 2.125 inches x 2.25 inches.
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Coaxing Kitty with Kibble Item Sku: M-480

Coaxing Kitty with Kibble

Here kitty, kitty! What are you doing up there? I have something yummy for you! Sculpted by Donna, this little scene is just so sweet!
Approx 3.25 inches x 4 inches

Babys Secret Garden Item Sku: M-69B

Baby’s Secret Garden

Momma mouse and baby are in the beautiful summer flower garden where Mr. Bumble Bee is introducing himself. He seems so nice but be careful little one! Limited Edition
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Some Bunny to Love Item Sku: M-448A

Some Bunny to Love

What a sweet little mouse with her bunny friend. They're planning an Easter egg hunt for their forest friends!
Approx. 1.25 Inches x 1.75 Inches

Easter Bunny Hop Item Sku: M-479

Easter Bunny Hop

Yippee! The Easter Bunny came and left some goodies for this wee one! She seems especially happy or is it just her "sugar rush!" Sculpted by Willy.
Approx. 2.25 inches x 1.875 inches
Bon Appetit! With Cherry Pie Item Sku: TM-1Cherry

Bon Appetit! With Cherry Pie

What a charming sight! This mouse stands atop a wedge of Swiss cheese. Holding his award-winning cherry pie, he is dressed in an apron and chef hat. A little tail made of leather. Piece measures 1.25 inches tall and 1 inch wide.
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Lil Jar of Jam Item Sku: TM-2

Lil Jar of Jam

From the Nibble-Nut Farm, this sweet mouse stands atop a jar of homemade strawberry jam. She wears a lovely pink polka-dot dress and apron with a little tail made of leather .Piece measures 1.5 inches tall and .5 inches wide.
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