Santa Wood Carvings

Teri Embrey

Hand Carved Santa Wood Carvings


Teri Embrey Carvings
Teri Embrey
by Teri Embrey

Reflections of the Soul

Original Carved Santas by Folk Artist Teri Embrey

"The legend of Santa Claus (Father Christmas) is timeless - gift-giver of many names, born of many stories and myths, whose only limits are our own imaginations.

My work is my own vision of this wise soul, who brings with him a spirit of hope. It is that spirit of hope we all need - kindness, compassion and giving - that I try to celebrate through my Santa carvings.

My work is an important refuge on my life's journey. If by chance it touches someone else along their own road, then I can smile and know that my own journey has been worth every step."

Teri's work is featured by a number of fine galleries and collectible shops throughout the country and has appeared in national publications, including Country Collectibles, Country Christmas and Carving Magazine.