Santa Wood Carvings

Santa Wood Carvings
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Christmas Treasures Featured Artist Collection
Al Longo Santa Carvings Anthony Costanza Santa Carvings Antique Wood Santa Carvings
David Frykman Santa Carvings Greg Guedel Santa Carvings G. DeBrekht Russian Santa Carvings
Guyot Arts, LLC Santa Carvings Karl Neubauer Santa Carvings Lance Long Santa Carvings
Les Ramsay Santa Carvings Patrick Dibala Santa Carvings Dave Francis Santa Carvings
Teri Embrey Santa Carvings Vaughn Rawson Santa Carvings Marcia Berkall Santa Carvings
Rick Wiebe Santa Carvings Ken Lessnau Santa Carvings Larry Roberts Santa Carvings
Susan Mattix Santa Carvings Bob Dow Santa Carvings Russian Santa Carvings and Nested Dolls
Joe Caldwell Santa Carvings Sticks By Sarah Grant Furniture and Accessories David Sabol Santa Carvings
Russell Scott Santa Carvings
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Al Longo Woodcarving Anthony Costanza Original Carvings Antique Wood Original Carvings
Al Longo Original Wood Carvings
Santas are his favorite subject and each piece is hand carved and painted by Al from his original designs.
Anthony Costanza Original Wood Carvings
Since I was a young child old enough to hold a crayon, I created art. I never had any formal art training but whether I was working in oils, stained glass, or textiles, I was always creating.
Antique Wood Original Wood Carvings
Hand-Carved Santa Molds, Solid Wood from the 1930's through 1960's.  Used to create Paper Mache Santas
David Frykman Original Carvings Greg Guedel Woodcarving G. DeBrekht Russian Carvings
David Frykman Original Wood Carvings
David Frykman lives and works amidst the cedar trees and rocky shores of Lake Michigan in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin.
Greg Guedel Original Wood Carvings
I studied art at The School of the Art Institute in Chicago with the intention of pursuing a career as a painter.
G. DeBrekht Russian Original Wood Carvings
What began as a personal hobby in the 1960's became the foundation for one of the most remarkable studios in the world.
Guyot Arts, LLC Original Wood Carvings Karl Art Carvings Lance Long Carvings
Guyot Arts, LLC Original Wood Carvings
Delightful hand carved and hand painted basswood Santa carvings crafted by Tom and Gretchen Guyot of Portland, Oregon.
Karl Neubauer Original Wood Carvings
Karl-Art Carvings are limited editions, decorative sculptures.  They are hand carved by New England Sculptor, Karl Neubauer at his Vermont Studio.
Lance Long Original Wood Carvings
Lance Long is a wood carver from South Carolina who has been carving for over 17 years.
Linden Tree Studio Patrick Dibala Carvings Snow Cottage Carvings
Les Ramsay Original Wood Carvings
The Linden Tree Studio showcases the wood carvings of Les Ramsay.
Patrick Dibala Original Wood Carvings
Chainsaw Carvings by Owner of Christmas Treasures Patrick Dibala, Patrick Started Chainsaw Carving in 1995
Dave Francis Original Wood Carvings
Carvings by Dave Francis Seven hours drive east of Vancouver B.C. Canada, in the West Kootenay town of Castlegar, is situated the wood-carving studio of Dave Francis. Since November of 1992
Teri Embrey Original Woodcarvings Vaughn Rawson Original Carvings Marcia Berkall Carvings
Teri Embrey Original Wood Woodcarvings
My work is my own vision of this wise soul, who brings with him a spirit of hope. It is that spirit of hope we all need - kindness, compassion and giving - that I try to celebrate through my Santa carvings.
Vaughn Rawson Original Wood Carvings
Vaughn and Stephanie Rawson founded The Whimsical Whittler wood carving studio in 1989 specializing in Santas, holiday figures and other Americana inspired folk art.
Marcia Berkall Original Wood Carvings
Much of my work is influenced by the beauty, history and natural resources of Maine.  Of particular intrigue is the concept of giving "new life to old wood".
Rick Wiebe Carvings Ken Lessnau of Racine Larry Roberts
Rick Wiebe Original Wood Carvings
Rick has been whittling and carving for as long as he can remember, (Some 45 plus years), and is mostly self-taught. He credits his father with getting him started.
Ken Lessnau of Racine,
Wisconsin Original Wood Carvings

A self taught artist, Ken's unique Wildside Whimsy creations reflect his love of form and color and demonstrate his fascinating, one-of-a-kind style.
Larry Roberts Original Wood Carvings
Larry's interest in woodcarving began in 1982, and has evolved into a unique style he likes to describe as "stylized realism."
Susan Mattix Bob Dow Russian Santa Carvings and Nested Dolls
Susan Mattix Original Wood Carvings
Small changes in facial expressions and new ideas for details make each piece an original work of art.
Bob Dow Original Wood Carvings
Dow has been carving intricately designed figures since 1986.
Russian Santa Carvings and Nested Dolls
All of these hand carved and painted Santas and Matryshka Dolls (Nested Dolls) are signed by the Russian Artist who created them.
Joe Caldwell Sticks By Sarah Grant Furniture and Accessories David Sabol Santa Carvings
Joe Caldwell
Santa Carvings
Sticks By Sarah Grant Furniture and Accessories
Perpetual Calendars, Lazy Susans, Mirrors, Plaques, Furniture, Holiday Figures, Clocks
David Sabol Santa Carvings
Russell Scott
Russell Scott
Santa Carvings

German Skier Nutcracker Item Sku: GCS

German Skier Nutcracker

Made In Germany Hand Carved
13 x 5 x 15" H
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Russian Santa Wood Carvings

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