Department 56

Department 56 Snowbabies -
2013 Collection


For over 25 years Snowbabies artist Kristi Jensen Pierro has captured the beauty and splendor of winter. Kristi’s personal experiences and interpretations of childhood are artfully designed into each piece and carefully named to ensure a sentiment of love, friendship, or inspiration.
  Snowbabies Classic Collection Snowbabies Guest Collection Snowbabies Ornaments
  Snowbabies Classic CollectionNew for 2014 Snowbabies Guest CollectionNew for 2014 Snowbabies Ornaments New for 2014
  Snowbabies – Fisher Price Snowbabies – Mickey Mouse Snowbabies – Rudolph
  Snowbabies Classic CollectionNew for 2014 Snowbabies – Mickey MouseNew for 2014 Snowbabies – RudolphNew for 2014
  Snowbabies – Tinker Bell
  Snowbabies – Tinker BellNew for 2014
“Imagine, the things I loved to do as a child have turned into my success. I work for a company that appreciates my work. For 25 years, Department 56 has taken my one-dimensional drawings and created them into three-dimensional art. I could not have dreamed of a better way to spend my days. As an artist my job is to invent. After a year of sketching and concepting I have arrived with SnowDream. A nostalgic collection of figural giftware and trim full of warmth, whimsy and magic. SnowDream combines the simple elegance of bisque with glitter, shiny mica and tinsel. The result is magical creating a fanciful vision for the holidays.” -Kristi Jensen Pierro, Snowbabies artist