Department 56

How-To: Create A SnowDream Stage



Materials to Purchase
  • Hot glue gun
  • Netting
  • Glitter
  • 1/16 inch mat board

1. Cutting

- Cut out shapes provided, trace onto mat board and cut out.

2. Cutting

- Cut slits in marked area one inch long and the thickness of the mat board wide.

3. Glue

- Insert the 2 bases to the bottom of the stage frame and glue to make secure.

4. Glittering

- Apply spray mount and cover front of stage and bottom bases with glitter.

5. Curtains

- Arrange netting to look like curtains. Glue top of netting to the top of the stage frame. Use thin piece of netting to tie back half of the curtain to each side and glue to make secure.

5. Finishing

- Cover "Top of stage" piece with glitter. Glue to the top of the stage frame, over the top of the stage curtains.