Department 56

Department 56 Christmas In The City Village Collection

Evoking memories of busy sidewalks, street corner Santa's, friendly traffic cops and crowds of shoppers amid cheery shops, Christmas In The City is the place where the joy of Christmas time is alive all year.

Department 56 Christmas In The City

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Introduced in 1987, Christmas In The CityŽ is a miniature representation of Christmas time in American cities. Made of porcelain and hand-painted to perfection, this finely detailed city is always bustling.  In honor of lively cities and their diverse architecture, the series offers dozens of places to live, shop, work, dine, and enjoy the arts.  Transportation suits the varying needs of all residents, from riding a carriage of hauling a taxi, to catching the subway.  Sidewalks fill with shoppers and carolers while sightseers occupy park benches.  The city lights dazzle the horizon and the building outline a spectacular skyline.  The overall effect is a perfect blend of holiday cheer and breathtaking cityscapes.

Christmas In The City Key Village Features

Represents American cities during the holidays

Buildings are usually two stories or more

Accessories vary from holiday shoppers to city police cars

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