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Befana, is a legendary female gift giver known to Italian children for almost two thousand years. She was active at Christmas time and made her visit on the Twelfth Night or Epiphany.

The story is told that Befana, a very old and decrepit woman, refused to interrupt her household duties long enough to accept the invitation of the Magi to accompany them on their journey to find the Christchild.

It seems the Magi needed a guide in their search and asked Befana to help them find the way; but she refused to leave her warm and immaculate house of which she w&s very proud.

However, after the Magi had left, Befana had a change of heart and at dawn went in search of the Wisemen. She had prepared a basket of food for the journey and added toys and gifts for the Christ Child. Search and inquire as she might  she was unable to find the Wisemen; but she distributed her gifts along the way.

As years passed the story grew and Befana now resembles a witch with a broom to fly and visit Home Pages on Epiphany. In addition to her basket of goodies she also carried a cane and a bell. The cane was to help her on the way and the bell was to warn the children of her coming. Children were warned to be good so that she would leave them gifts and not switches. When the bell rang, the children were hurried off to bed to “be asleep before Befana comes.”

In Italy, Epiphany is also called Befana Day. It is a day of feasting and celebration as well as gift giving and fairs are held in Rome and rural areas in honor of Befana Day.
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