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Most cultures have had some kind of celebration of light during the winter solstice. Although not directly connected to the solstice, the Jews celebrate the feast of Hanukkah, or Chanukka the Festival of Lights. It commemorates the great victory of the Maccabees under the leadership of Judah Macca bee over the forces of Antiochus Epiphanes who, in 168 B.C., tried to destroy the Jewish faith. After years of fierce fighting, Judah Maccabee was finally able to lead his troops into Jerusalem in victory. There, the Jews began the work of purifying and rededicating the Temple, making it once again a worthy house for the worship of God.

It is told that when Judah’s men were cleaning out the temple, they found just a single jar of holy oil ... only enough to keep the Eternal Light before the Holy of Holies burning for one day. Miraculously, this one jar burned for eight days and nights. As a remembrance of this joyous occasion, every year in Jewish Home Pages a menorah (candelabrum) is lit, consisting of eight candles (together with an additional ‘servant candle’ used to light the rest) which are kindled on each night of the festival, one candle being lit on the first night, two on the second, and so on. It has also become a time for the giving of small gifts, very often distributed on each of the eight nights. Although not strictly a gift-giver, Judah Maccabee was the instrument for bringing the gift of freedom and light to the Jews. His victory ensured that the values of Judaism, which are also the religious foundation upon which Christianity was later established, would continue to shape and influence the course of civilization. This would be remembered yearly on the feast of hanukkah celebrated on the twenty-fifth of Kislev, the Jewish month which corresponds to the month of December.

Later the Christian Church would celebrate its own Festival of Lights on December 25, honoring another who would also be an instrument for bringing the gift of freedom and light to the world.
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