ANRI Juan Ferrandiz


Tradition in real wood

ANRI Juan Ferrandiz Italian Artist Profile

ANRI Juan Ferrandiz Italian Artist Profile
Ferrandiz, ANRI, Juan Ferrandiz

Born in Barcelona, his designs and paintings have become world famous within short time. The complete opus of Ferrandiz aims at creating a world of love, comprehension and poetry, to unite the spirit, banish the hatred and favor peace in the world with a truly honest message. His designs are beautifully turned into wood in this magnificent crib. The Juan Ferrandiz nativity was introduced in 1969. Since then over 57 figurines have been produced.

Ferrandiz 2" Collection
Ferrandiz 1 1/2" (4 cm) Nativity
Ferrandiz 3" (7.5cm) Collection
Ferrandiz 6" (15 cm) Collection


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Ferrandiz, ANRI, Juan Ferrandiz

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