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Instructions For Hanging And Care Of Your New Big Sky Carvers Woodcarving
Care and Instructions for your Woodcarving
Thank you for owning one of our woodcarvings! We have taken great care to craft this design for your long term enjoyment. We hope the following guidelines will help to ensure it's proper care. Enjoy!

General Information
Big Sky Bears and Cabin Carvings are carved of solid western pine. Although we dry the wood as much as possible before carving, some cracking is natural and only adds to the authenticity and uniqueness of your bear. Knots and irregularities in the wood are also natural and add character to your carving they make it unique. Only plastic and other unnatural materials are perfect.

Indoor Display
A periodic dusting with your favorite wax, polish, cloth or feather duster is all that is required nothing else. Extremely sunny spots should be avoided for display.

Outdoor Display
The most common question is "Can we put our carving outside?" The answer is, although inside display is very preferable, your carving can be outside if exposure is limited to areas of minimal sunlight and moisture, and the following recommendations are followed for protecting your carving outdoors.

Recommendation for Protecting Cabin Carvings Used Outdoors
Moisture of any type will eventually harm any wood product. If you intend to use your Cabin Carving in a location where it will be exposed to the elements, or if your carving is losing it's original appearance, a little extra protection will add to the life of your purchase. We recommend brushing on Minwax's Helmsman Spar Urethane. This is an excellent exterior finish and is widely available. It should be applied to your carving as frequently as your conditions require. Just follow the manufacture's instructions. The first time you apply the spar urethane over our finish however, you should lightly sand the entire surface with 220 grit sandpaper.

Please Note: Big Sky Carvers will not be held responsible for carvings placed outdoors without proper treatment.

Mounting for Climbing and Peeking Bears and Raccoons
Each peeking or climbing cabin carving comes with predrilled holes and screws that enable you to securely fasten it in place! The climbing cabin carving may be fastened to any outside corner of a room, building or any type of wooden post or pole by carefully inserting screws in predrilled holes and tightening it securely in place.
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