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Wood carved Decoys, Birds, Fish, and Animals - Made in Big Sky Montana, USA *
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Thousands of years ago, decoy men built cage-like structures in marshes to lure in wildfowl. By the 17th century, the first versions of modern day duck decoy were created in Great Britain. Later, the early Americans turned the crafting of duck decoys into a timeless art form. Building on tradition, the artisans in the Big Sky Carvers wood shop preserve this rich history with quality woodcarvings.

Each began as a seed. Then, through succeeding stages of tree, timber, and drawn knife, these decoys were given life by the skilled hands of Big Sky Carvers.

Today, decoys have risen from their humble origins, to genuine art. All the Big Sky Wildlife Woodcarvings- Master, Premier, Yellowstone, Classic, Magnum, Antique & Folk Art, and Fish - preserve the hand-crafted feel of antiques, but boast intricate craftsmanship that few others can achieve. They’re special…or we wouldn’t sell them.

* Legacy Collection Designed by Big Sky Carvers in Montana, Assembled Overseas

Big Sky Carvers
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