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Toddler with Cardinal New for 2017
Item Sku: 1818

Toddler with Cardinal

Cardinals are a holiday symbol of faith and warmth with their bright red color during the winter months. They also symbolize hope, joy, health, rejuvenation and celebration. This collection has all of the accessories to make the perfect display for the bird lover on your Christmas list. Introduced 2017
Approx. 5.5”H



Toddler on Snow Saucer New for 2017
Item Sku: 1816B

Toddler on Snow Saucer

Ohhh the anticipation of an unscheduled day off from school. Sitting by the radio in the morning just waiting for your schools number to be called. Yes! Enough snow to change a day in the classroom into a day of fun outside in a carpet of freshly fallen, fluffy white snow. Introduced 2017
Approx. 5.5”H



Night Before Christmas Toddler New for 2017
Item Sku: 1819

Night Before Christmas Toddler

The Night Before Christmas Toddler comes on a tin candle holder with a working light. Great to use as a nightlight in a child's room. (Requires 2 AA batteries not included). Introduced 2017
Approx. 6”H



Toddler on Skates Item Sku: 1811B

Toddler on Skates

Toddler on Skates is the newest Toddler for 2016. It is his first day on skates, and he has a pillow tied around his waist to help cushion the falls on the frozen pond.
Approx. 4”H



Toddler Girl with Package Item Sku: 1817A

Toddler Girl with Package

Toddler Girl with Package is new for 2016. She has really gotten into the holiday spirit with her red nose and antlers. You can guess which reindeer is her favorite.



Toddler Boy with Package Item Sku: 1817B

Toddler Boy with Package

Toddler Boy with Package is all dressed up for 2016. His parents are hosting an Ugly Christmas Sweater party, and he can stay up past his bedtime tonight if he wears a costume.



Two Toddlers on Toboggan Item Sku: 1813

Two Toddlers on Toboggan

Introduced 2015. They were excited when they found a shiny new toboggan under the Christmas tree. Then came the long wait for the first snow to cover their favorite sledding hill. Surely this will be the best winter yet.
Approx 4”H



Toddler with Snowball Item Sku: 1814

Toddler with Snowball

Introduced 2015. This toddler would rather help with the creative task of building the first snowman before heading to the sledding hill.
Approx. 6”H



Toddler Decorating Snowman Item Sku: 1815

Toddler Decorating Snowman

Introduced 2015. It takes standing on his tippy-toes for this Toddler to finish his snowman by stretching the bright red hat onto its head. A cup of hot cocoa will be the perfect reward after all this hard work.
Approx. 8”H



Toddler with Skates Item Sku: 1811

Toddler with Skates

The weather outside isn't that frightful! This toddler can't wait to take a spin around the frozen pond on brand new skates. Introduced 2014



Dog on Sled Item Sku: 613S

Byers' Choice Dog on Sled

Introduced 2011
2.5”W x 6”L x 6’H



Toddler Boy Decorating Tree Item Sku:

Toddler Boy Decorating Tree

Decorating the tree is an important Christmas tradition in many families—even the youngest family members want to help! Hair color may vary. Introduced 2013
6” Tall



Byers Choice Toddler in Wagon Item Sku:

Byers' Choice Toddler in Wagon

hair color will vary



African American Toddlers
Byers Choice African American Toddler Boy Red SALE!
Item Sku:

Byers' Choice African American Toddler Boy Red

Style and Color May Vary
6" Tall
African American Toddler with Skates Item Sku:

African American Toddler with Skates

The weather outside isn't that frightful! This toddler can't wait to take a spin around the frozen pond on brand new skates
$26.00 / $20.00   
"No two Byers' Choice Carolers are ever the same. Our artisans create a unique character and personality in each figure by using a variety of techniques and materials. Each crafter leaves a little bit of herself in every figure she touches. As many as ten people will work on one Caroler. Consequently, it is almost impossible to find two Carolers that are exactly alike" -Joyce Byers
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