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In nineteenth-century London, the hum of the city was a far cry from what we know today. Instead of the blaring horns, screeching brakes, and sirens, the sound on the street was of vendors peddling their wares, usually in song--many of these songs have survived and can be heard sung by children on playgrounds everywhere. The appeal of that special time has been recaptured in the Cries of London series, which was started with the ever- beloved Apple Lady in 1991.
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Cries of London


Years -Produced

1991 Apple Lady
1992 Baker
1993 Man Roasting Chestnuts
1994 Flower Vendor
1995 Doll Maker
1996 Gingerbread Vendor
1997 Milk Maid
1998 Candlestick Maker
1999 Fruit Vendor
2000 China Vendor
2001 Fish Monger
2002 Lavender Lady
2003 Cookie Vendor
2003 Girl with Cookies
2003 Boy with Cookies
2004 Woman Selling Candy
2004 Girl with Candy
2004 Boy with Candy
2005 Toy Vendor
2005 Girl with Toy
2005 Boy with Toy
2006 Straw Ornament Vendor
2006 Girl with Straw Ornament
2006 Boy with Straw Ornament
2007 Woman Selling Ribbons
2007 Girl Selling Lace
2008 Woman Selling Stuffed Animals
2008 Girl with Stuffed Toy
2008 Boy with Stuffed Toy
2009 Woman Selling Fresh Eggs
2009 Girl with Nest
2009 Boy with Rooster

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