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Quite a leap from our usual twelve-inch Carolers, this playful line was created to be used in store windows and for decoration inside various stores and restaurants. Each standing about 30 inches--thatís almost three feet tall, these characters are based on traditional Christmas symbols like the Drummer Boy and various Santa's, It was quite challenging to really make these work on the much larger scale, so today they are only created in limited quantities to commemorate special Byersí Choice events.

Years -Produced

1982-1983 Drummer Boy (1st edition)
1985-1986 Drummer Boy (2nd edition)
1982-1983 Santa (1st edition)
1983 Adult Caroling Figures (1st edition)
1984-1985 Working Santa
1985 Old World Santa
1985-1987 Children Caroling Figures
1986-1987 Adult Caroling Figures (2nd edition)
1990 Velveteen Santa-Red
1990 Velveteen Santa -Bayberry
1998 Santa in Sleigh

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