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Young Marie is given a gift by her godfather on Christmas Eve, a delightful toy soldier nutcracker that she instantly loves and cherishes. But the toy is a magical gift as well, and in her dreams that night, young Marie is transported to a fantasy world where she becomes Princess to the Nutcracker Prince.,. A cherished tale throughout the ages that celebrates the magic of Christmas and the imagination of youth--two of the most special ingredients that create the true magic of the holiday season. Byers’ Choice captures these memorable characters in our Nutcracker Suite line, which began with Marie in 1993.
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Years-Produced Figurine
1993 Marie (1st edition)
1994-Present Marie (2nd edition)
1994 Fritz (1st edition)
1995-1997 Fritz (2nd edition)
1995 Louise Playing the Piano (1st edition)
1996 Louise Playing the Piano (2nd edition)
1996 Drosselmeier w/Music Box (1st edition)
1997-Present Drosselmeier w/Music Box (2nd edition)
1997 Seven-Headed Mouse King (1st edition)
1998-Present Seven-Headed Mouse King (2nd edition)
1998 The Prince (lot edition)
1999 The Prince (2nd edition)

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