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Our Traditional and Victorian figures are among the first Byers’ Choice Carolers ever produced, and this line is still going strong! Each figure is elegantly clad in various combinations of wools, felts, velvets, plaids, satins, and furs, and each is limited to an edition of 100--making these Carolers truly unique pieces.
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Traditional/V Victorian Figurines
Years -Produced Figurine
1978-Present Traditional Adult Carolers
1979-Present Traditional Children Carolers
1982 Victorian Adult Carolers (1st edition)
1982 Victorian Children Carolers list edition)
1983-Present Victorian Adult Carolers
1983-Present Victorian Children Carolers
1986-Present Traditional Grandparent Carolers
1988-Present Victorian Grandparent Carolers
1988-Present Children w/Skates
1991-1994 Adult Skaters
1991 Toddlers on Sled
1992-Present Children Skaters
1992-Present Lit Dickens Toddlers
1993-1994 Grandparent Skaters
1995-1998 Adults Holding Skates
1995-Present Adult Shoppers
1996-Present Teenagers
1996-Present Victorian Teenagers
1996-Present Grandparent Shoppers
Crabtree & Evelyn Adult Shoppers (1st Edition)
Crabtree & Evelyn Adult Shoppers (2nd Edition)
1997-Present Victorian Shoppers
1999 Victorian Dancing Couple
2007 Traditional Family Series A
2007 Traditional Family Series B
2007 Traditional Family Series C
2007 Victorian Family Series A
2007 Victorian Family Series B
2007 Victorian Family Series C
2008- Present Traditional Family Series D
2008 Traditional Family Series E
2008 Traditional Family Series F
2008 Victorian Family Series D
2008 Victorian Family Series E
2008 Victorian Family Series F
2009 Traditional Family with Chocolates
2009 Traditional Sporting Family
2009 Victorian Sledding Family
2009 Victorian Family with Instruments
2009 Victorian Family in Green and Gold

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