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Byers' Choice Ltd. Kindles Hand Crafted Figurines
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Bakerkins Kindles Santa’s Helpers Kindles Spring and Summer Kindles
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Fall Kindles Winter Kindles Accessories

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Kindle Story

Kindles-Perhaps you have already heard of their work. If you've ever wondered how a snowman seems to wink just as you walk by, or how the lights on the tree seem to have an extra sparkle on Christmas Eve? Consider Kindles. How does Santa fit down even the tightest chimney? It's those Kindles at work again, putting the twinkle in the eye of even the smallest child believing in the magic of Christmas morning.

Far away, in a land where snow falls in glittering heaps of confectioner's sugar, there lives a group of sprites whose vast experience, energy and spirit have given them an extraordinary opportunity. These aren't just elves, they'd be quick to point out with pride and distinction: they're Kindles, Guardians of the Christmas Spirit.

It seems a Kindle's work is never done, but far from being drudgery, the Kindle's work involves mounds of chatter, laughter and light-heartedness. A room that has been touched by Kindles is swept with the glitter of fantasy, the charm of Christmas gone by and the sparkling prospects of what is yet to come. Kindles work collectively with playful diligence but often their overabundant enthusiasm causes prospects to go a little off kilter.

Bakerkins see that holiday cookies are done to perfection, though it is quite likely they have added a bit more sugar than the recipe intended. Decorator Kindles assure that your tree lights are twinkling and that the garland is draped just right. Artisans apply the finishing touches on millions of toys made each year for Santa's delivery, lovingly by the toy maker Kindles. There are Kindles in charge of wrapping packages and those who fill workrooms with joyous holiday music. Mailroom helpers, who were once responsible for sorting Santa's letters, will now supervise your Christmas cards, making certain that they are perfectly addressed, licked, stamped, and mailed - well almost perfectly.

Though the Kindles' origin is a closely held mystery, this much is assured: like a snowflake, no two are alike. Each is an original from the top of their hats to the tips of their toes. No doubt, all Kindles are content and patient, mischievous and playful, helpful and kind. Sometimes musing and more often amusing, they are sure to evoke the creative spirit within - the one that had forgotten how to play, and nearly overlooked the joy and spirit of Christmas.

Is it the magic of the Season that enables Kindles to remind us that there is still the spirit of a child within each of us? It must be. Believe in Kindles, they are here. But more importantly, believe in the power of Christmas.

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