Byers Choice Carolers

Byers' Choice Caroler Care Tips!

Byers Choice Ltd. Carolers Hand Crafted Figurines
As each Caroler becomes a member of your family, it is important to follow a little bit of "preventative medicine" in order to keep them all healthy. Below you will find a few handy tips to avoid those scrapes and spills that may injure them.

• Carolers rarely wear bathing suits. As a result, they really don't like to get wet. If a Caroler gets wet or is kept in a very humid area, it is possible for metal parts to rust or mold to grow on some fabrics. It is best to store your Carolers in dry places, but if one happens to get wet, try drying them off with a paper tower and a hair dryer.

• Pets have been known to become jealous about new Carolers being brought into the family. It is best to find a Home Page for your Caroler that is out of their reach of these potential mischief makers.

• Sunblock wasn't available in Dickensian England, and prolonged exposure to the sun was bad. That is still a risk today. Too much sun will cause Carolers to lose their color, both in their faces and their clothes.

• Beware of mice! They love to use felt and tissue paper to build nests. Store Carolers in a secure box to help keep pests away. Note: avoid storing in cedar, as it can dissolve the paint on a face.

Even the best preventative care sometimes breaks down. A few tips to bring back the health of your Caroler include:

• A faded lip can be touched up with a natural-looking shade of nail polish.

• A small chip on the base can be smoothed with a nail file and colored in with a dark green felt tip marker.

• A scuffed shoe can be polished with a black marker

• To return cheeks to a rosy color, apply some powder blush with a soft cotton-tipped applicator.

• A touch of hairspray can calm a frizzy hairdo or a hand-held clothes steamer can take the wrinkles out of a skirt, jacket, or scroll.

• To curl a scroll, roll the end around a round pencil.

• A lint brush or the baseboard attachment to a vacuum cleaner is useful to remove loose fur and dust from clothing. Adhesive tape also works well to remove fur.

• Many accessories that become unattached can be fixed by applying a small amount of white craft glue.