Fishing and Hunting

Fishing and Hunting
Santa Figures
Clothtique® by Possible Dreams
Fabriche™ by Kurt S. Adler


Clothtique® and Fabriche™ figurines
utilize a stiffened cloth technique to create fine sculptural detailing.
Possible Dreams Hunting and Fishing Santas
Catching the Spirit Item Sku: 4052129

Catching the Spirit

Typically Santa is associated with the North Pole, not a fishing pole. However he always has the Christmas spirit and shares it generously. Introduced 2016.
5” x 11”H
Hooked on the Holidays Item Sku: 4052123

Hooked on the Holidays

Sometimes a bad day of fishing is better than a good day in Santa’s North Pole workshop. Introduced 2016.
5” x 8” x 7”H

Duck, Duck, Moose, Moose Item Sku: 4046480

Duck, Duck, Moose, Moose

Santa is on a mission to create a decadent chocolate dessert. All that is left to do now is lick the spoon. Introduced 2015.
Winter Walleye SALE!
Item Sku: 4046507

Winter Walleye

It’s not that surprising that Santa loves ice fishing. It’s the perfect hobby for someone that lives at the North Pole. Maybe we should rename him Shanty Claus. Introduced 2015.
$65.00 / $60.00   

Camo Claus Item Sku: 4046502

Camo Claus

Wooden decoys and a duck call are a few of the things Santa carries in his camouflaged sack. I won’t be surprised if there were milk and cookies as well. Introduced 2015.
Merriest Catch SALE!
Item Sku: 4038623

Merriest Catch

Looks like Santa will soon be whipping up a batch of his famous cioppino. He caught a crab in his net along with some festive wrapped presents. Introduced 2014.
10” H
$58.00 / $51.00   

Catching a Nap SALE!
Item Sku: 4027004

Catching a Nap

Santa in boat with reindeer. The only thing Santa is catching on this fishing trip is a nap. I guess he figures his fishing buddy will let him know if there are any bites…other than the one to his sandwich.
Introduced 2012
6.25”H x 6.25”W s 10.25”L
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Peanut Butter And Jelly For All Item Sku: 71287

Possible Dreams Peanut Butter And Jelly For All

11" height
$79.00 / $66.00   
Fabriche Hunting and Fishing Santas
Item Sku: C7406

Duck Hunter Santa

‘Tis the season for Santa to do some game hunting. He’s got everything ready including his rifle, binoculars and duck decoy. Fabriche Santa by Kurt S Adler. Introduced 2014.
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