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Clothique Santa Figures


Clothtique utilizes a stiffened fabric technique to create fine sculptural detailing.
Cheesehead New for 2017
Item Sku: 4057027


Introduced 2017.



Merry Mulligan New for 2017
Item Sku: 4057109

Merry Mulligan

Santa has been known to duff a ball or two. But then again, he smoked this one! Introduced 2017.



Tees the Season Item Sku: 4052125

Tee’s the Season

Set of 2. Santa is heading out to the links for a day of fun in the sun. He decided to give his caddy the day off and haul his own clubs around the course. Introduced 2016.
5” x 5.5” x 9”H



Christmas Peddler SALE!
Item Sku: 4052128

Christmas Peddler

It’s no secret that Santa has a lot to juggle and balance during the frantic holiday season…but this is too much. Now he is trying to deliver all of the gifts by himself on a unicycle. List can be personalized by you with a permanent marker. Introduced 2016.
5” x 5.5” x 13”H

$68.00 / $58.00   


Christmas Par Tree Item Sku: 4046505

Christmas Par-Tree

Santa is looking forward to having a great day on the links. Before he can tee off he just needs to remove his Christmas themed golf club covers. Tag can be personalized by you with a permanent marker. Introduced 2015.



Merry Cruiser Item Sku: 4038699

Merry Cruiser

Sometimes during the busy holiday season the best thing we can do it to slow down. Even Santa has learned to take things a little slower and make his deliveries the old fashion way. Introduced 2014.
9” H



Holiday Hero Item Sku: 4038684

Holiday Hero

Santa is ready for the big game to begin. He has everything a number 1 fan needs to cheer on his team! Introduced 2014.
9” H



And A Par Tree Item Sku: 4038681

And A Par Tree

Santa is not just an average golfer. Who else would add a touch of Christmas to the game? Introduced 2014.
10.5” H



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