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Football, Golf, Soccer, Skiing, Tennis
Clothique Santa Figures


Clothtique utilizes a stiffened fabric technique to create fine sculptural detailing.
Christmas Par Tree New for 2015
Item Sku: 4046505

Christmas Par-Tree

Santa is looking forward to having a great day on the links. Before he can tee off he just needs to remove his Christmas themed golf club covers. Tag can be personalized by you with a permanent marker. Introduced 2015.
The Finish Line Item Sku: 4038682

The Finish Line

Santa finishes with his personal best and a course record! Seems like all the cookies and milk doesn’t slow this marathon runner down! Introduced 2014.
11” H

Christmas Drop In Item Sku: 4038686

Christmas Drop In

Motion, some assembly required. Santa’s delivery method has taken on an extreme edge this year. Keep your eye in the sky, but don’t expect a sleigh with eight tiny reindeer! Introduced 2014.
12” H
Merry Cruiser Item Sku: 4038699

Merry Cruiser

Sometimes during the busy holiday season the best thing we can do it to slow down. Even Santa has learned to take things a little slower and make his deliveries the old fashion way. Introduced 2014.
9” H

Holiday Hero Item Sku: 4038684

Holiday Hero

Santa is ready for the big game to begin. He has everything a number 1 fan needs to cheer on his team! Introduced 2014.
9” H
And A Par Tree Item Sku: 4038681

And A Par Tree

Santa is not just an average golfer. Who else would add a touch of Christmas to the game? Introduced 2014.
10.5” H

Windy Wonderland Item Sku: 4026986

Windy Wonderland

Forget the sleigh. When it comes to delivering Christmas presents on the beach Santa prefers to use his sailboard. Introduced 2014.
10” H
Sweet Tee Item Sku: 4033686

Sweet Tee

The candy cane golf club is not the only sweet thing on this Clothtique figurine. Look at Santa's bow tie, argyle socks and his snappy golf cap. Introduced 2013

Day on the Beach Item Sku: 4033675

Day on the Beach

Normally a day on the beach is a good thing. But when golfing is involved it is something to be avoided at all costs. Introduced 2013
Winter Play Item Sku: 809718

Possible Dreams Winter Play

By Artist Gary Patterson Every piece of Gary's art includes Boo, a mouse. See if you can find him on this piece.
Introduced 2009

Water Landing Item Sku: 71282

Possible Dreams Water Landing

11" height
Cross Country Christmas Item Sku: 809714

Possible Dreams Cross Country Christmas

Introduced 2009
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