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Big Sky Carvers Sports Figures
Wood Carvings, Resin Figurines, Ornaments, and Home Decor

Boyds Bears and Friends Sports
Resin Figurines and Lapel Pins

New for 2017
Byers' Choice Sport Carolers

Hand Made in the USA

Christmas Stockings – Sports Theme
College Christmas Stockings

New for 2017
Clothtique Sports Santa Figures

Santa Figures by Possible Dreams

Collegiate Sports Memorabilia
University of Oregon and Oregon State Collectibles

Department 56 Sports Buildings and Accessories
Ceramic Village and Accessories and Porcelain Bisque Snowbabies by Department 56

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Fabriche Sports Santas

Fabriche Santa Figures by Kurt S. Adler

Melody in Motion Musical Sports Collectibles
Melody in Motion ceramic musical figures

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Old World Christmas Ornaments and Light Covers

Glass Ornaments and Light Covers by Old World Christmas

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NFL Ornament Collection

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Sports Nutcrackers, Smokers, and Ornaments

Wooden Nutcrackers by Steinbach, Christian Ulbricht and KWO

Tom Browning Cards and Figurines
Christmas Cards and Pipka Figurines designed by artist Tom Browning

Old World Christmas Collegiate Ornaments
Glass Collegiate Ornaments for Sports Lovers by Old World Christmas
Coffee Mugs – Sports Theme
Coach Occupation Mug Item Sku: 4054509

Coach Occupation Mug

This bold bright and colorful durable 16 oz. stoneware mug is the perfect gift for a coach. Designed by Lorrie Veasey



Coffee Mugs

Jim Shore Heartwood Creek – Sports – Resin Figures and Ornaments
WhiteWood Snowman with Skis New for 2017
Item Sku: 4058738

WhiteWood Snowman with Skis

"Downhill Dreamer" This delightful White Woodland Snowman with Skis, beautifully rendered in a subtle palette of muted tones and icy hues, is decorated in Jim Shore’s unique combination of quilt patterns and folk art motifs. Introduced 2017.



Snoopy and Woodstock New for 2017
Item Sku: 4057675

Snoopy and Woodstock

“Friendly Face-Off" Introduced 2017.



Skiing Snowman Ornament Item Sku: 4053842

Skiing Snowman Ornament

Bundled up in a colorful sweater and cap; this Skiing Snowman flies down the slopes in this whimsical design from the artistry of Jim Shore. Introduced 2016.



Jim Shore

Hallmark Sports Themed Vintage Ornaments
Shaquille ONeal Ornament Item Sku: 05517

Shaquille O’Neal Ornament

First in the Hoops Stars Series. Introduced 1995. Created to celebrate the fast-moving sport of basketball, this series featured a different player each year. In 1995, the series saluted Shaquille O’Neal, the most dominant center in the league and NBA’s #1 overall draft choice in 1992. Playing for Orlando Magic, the 7’1” superstar was voted 1993 Rookie fo the Year, 1994 MVP of the World Games, and is already a two-time NBA All-Star. Includes original box and trading card.
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Joe Montana San Francisco 49er Ornament Item Sku: 05759

Joe Montana - San Francisco 49er Ornament

First in the Football Legends Series. Introduced 1995. Fans roar with approval – both in the stadium and in front of TV sets across the land—when great players demonstrate their skills. This series honors the nation’s gridiron greats, leading off with a top-rated quarterback. Joe Montana wore number 16 for the San Francisco 49ers from 1979 through 1992. The former Notre Dame star led the 49ers for four Super Bowl championships and named MVP in three of those contests. Includes original box.
4 1/2''



Joe Montana – Kansas City Chiefs Ornament Item Sku: 06207

Joe Montana – Kansas City Chiefs Ornament

Complement to the Football Legends Series. Introduced 1995. Top-rated quarterback Joe Montana became Number 19 with the Kansas City Chiefs in 1993. He brought a fast-paced style of play and a contagious winning attitude enhanced by successes at Notre Dame and San Francisco. Montana led his teammates to the playoffs in ’93 and ’94, and increased his already impressive career total of passing yards to more than 40,000. Includes original box.
4 1/2''



Troy Aikman Ornament Item Sku: 05021

Troy Aikman Ornament

Second in the Football Legends Series. Introduced 1996. Since joining the Dallas Cowboys in 1989, Troy Kenneth Aikman has led his team to two Super Bowl Championships and has been selected for Pro Bowl four times. During his college career, he played two seasons for UCLA and two seasons for Oklahoma—and became the third-rated passer in NCAA history. Includes original box and trading card.



Nolan Ryan Ornament Item Sku: 05711

Nolan Ryan Ornament

First in At the Ballpark Series. Dated 1996. The great American pastime of baseball has had many heroes over the years. Pitcher Lynn Nolan Ryan Jr. appeared in 27 seasons, the most of any player in major league history. When he retired in 1993 at the age of 46, he held the records for the most strikeouts (5714) and no-hitters (7). Ryan’s long career included stints with the New York Mets, California Angels, and Houston Astros, and well as the Texas Rangers. Includes original box and trading card.
4 1/2''
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Larry Bird Ornament Item Sku: 05014

Larry Bird Ornament

Second in the Hoops Stars Series. Introduced 1996. This series featured a different roundball star each year. Member of the Gold Medal-winning “Dream Team” at the 1992 Olympic Games, Boston Celtics forward Larry Bird says he “fell in love with basketball” at the age of 13. He became the College Player of the Year at Indiana State University in 1979 and NBA Rookie of the Year in 1980. A perennial All-Star, Bird led the Celtics to three NBA titles and earned MVP honors three times. He retired in 1992. Includes original box and trading card.
6 3/4''



Ski Trip Ornament Item Sku: 07266

Ski Trip Ornament

Introduced 1991. A unique ornament—Light and motion fill your Christmas with Keepsake Magic! Skiers ski downhill, lift moves uphill, and light shines through the window of the lodge. To start or stop motion, turn switch. Plugs into any light bulb socket on standard miniature Christmas lights string. Attached connector cord allows for easy placement on your tree. Includes original box.
4 1/4''



Arctic Dome Ornament Item Sku: 07117

Arctic Dome Ornament

Artists’ Favorite Series. Dated 1991. A unique ornament—light and motion fill your Christmas with Keepsake Magic! Plugs easily and quickly into any socket on a standard miniature Christmas lights string. Huddle moves across the field! The North Stars’ quarterback Santa and his receiver spin away, eluding the South Paws’ polar bear defenders! To start or stop motion, turn switch. Attached connector cord allows ornament to hang freely on the tree, away from the light string. Sculptor Ken Crow fondly recalls the fun he had at high school football games as a member of the “rowdy rooters” cheering section, and fun at home where his dad and big brother rooted for their favorite teams on TV. “When I was little,” says Ken, “I imagined Santa as a quarterback, with his team of reindeer playing against big, friendly polar bears.” Includes original box with small tear on top.



Dancer Skating Ornament Item Sku: 04809

Dancer Skating Ornament

Second in Reindeer Champs Series. Dated 1987. “After pulling Santa’s sleigh, Dancer thinks it’s time for play, so she puts on silver skates and cuts some fancy figure eights!” Includes original, slightly worn box.
3 1/2''



Prancer Basketball Player Ornament Item Sku: 04051

Prancer Basketball Player Ornament

Third in Reindeer Champs Series. Dated 1988. “In basketball season this reindeer’s a pro—he loves to hear Santa shout, “Go, Prancer, go!” Includes original, slightly worn box.
3 1/2''



Vixen Tennis Player Ornament Item Sku: 04562

Vixen Tennis Player Ornament

Fourth in Reindeer Champs Series. Dated 1989. “Vixen loves tennis—she plays it with verve—her backhoof’s terrific and is her serve!” Includes original box.



Vintage Hallmark Ornaments

Snowbabies – Sports – Porcelain Bisque Figurines and Ornaments
Ready To Hit the Slopes SALE!
Item Sku: 4051914

Ready To Hit the Slopes

Some wonder, what's the best part of being a Snowbaby and living in Frosty Frolic Land. This Snowbaby will tell you, it's being surrounded by powdery snow all year-long and hitting the slopes any day of the year. Skis have been painted brown. Introduced 2016.
2.25” x 5” x 5”H

$18.50 / $13.95   


King of the Hill SALE!
Item Sku: 4046558

King of the Hill

Have you mastered the steepest slopes? Or perhaps just mastered the bunny hill? Either way, celebrate the slopes with 'King of the Hill', featuring hand-knit accents. Introduced 2015.
3.75” x 5.25”

$25.00 / $18.75   


Faceoff Item Sku: 4046559


It's time for a shootout! Every Frosty Frolic hockey game ends in a good ol' fashioned faceoff. This Snowbaby is ready to shoot the winning goal. Introduced 2015.
4.5” x 4”