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Blue Sky Teacher Collection - Ceramic Candle Houses, Home Decor, Pins and Magnets by Heather Goldminc
Student Bright Bulb Item Sku: BG14271

Student Bright Bulb

(Includes Light Bulb and Cord)
6.5" x 3.5" x 4"
On Sale! 40% Off

$36.00 / $21.60   


Shining Star Bright Bulb Item Sku: BG14272

Shining Star Bright Bulb

(Includes Light Bulb and Cord)
8.5" x 4.5" x 4"
On Sale! 40% Off

$36.00 / $21.60   


Blue Sky Collection

Boyds Bears Teacher - Resin Figurines and Lapel Pins
Ms. Lilypond Lesson #1 Item Sku: 36705

Ms. Lilypond Lesson #1

Edition Size 9,600
Height 3"
On Sale! 50% Off!

$18.00 / $9.00


Estudious Cram Faeriebaum Item Sku: 36301

Estudious Cram Faeriebaum

2 1/4''
On Sale! 50% Off!

$20.00 / $10.00


The Stage School Pageant Item Sku: 2425

The Stage School Pageant

(Stage ONLY, Figurines are Sold Separately)
6 1/2''
On Sale! 40% Off!

$50.00 / $30.00


Ms. Patience Teach, Learn Pin Item Sku: 26405

''Ms. Patience'' - Teach, Learn Pin

From the Folkwear Collection
1 1/2''W x 2 1/2''H
On Sale! 50% Off!

$3.95 / $1.95


Boyds Bears and Friends Collectibles

Charming Tails - Teacher - Resin Figurines
You Really Help Me Learn My Lesson Item Sku: 4042548

You Really Help Me Learn My Lesson

For the teacher or wise person in your life.
Approx 3’H x 1.75”W x 2.25”L



Charming Tails

Boyds Charming Angels - Nurses- Inspirational Quotes Stamped Beneath Each Piece, Includes 24-Karat Gold Overlay Charm
Sophia Guardian Angel of Knowledge Item Sku: 4022184

Sophia Guardian Angel of Knowledge

Message: Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach. - Aristotle
Sophia Guardian Angel of Knowledge depicts an angel reading to two small bears. Knowledge Unlocks the Secrets of Life enscripted around the base. Hand-numbered in 3600 piece editions. Gift boxed. Introduced in 2011



Charming Angels

Christian Ulbricht Teacher Nutcrackers and Ornaments
Teacher Nutcracker Item Sku: 0-459

Teacher Nutcracker

Introduced 2012
Hand Made in Germany
Limited Edition of 1000.
17.5" x 8.25" x 7.25"



Christian Ulbricht Nutcracker Collection

Demdaco for Teachers - Willow Tree® Angels - Resin Figurines and Ornaments
Youre the Best Item Sku: 26248

You’re the Best

Thank you for making a difference,
Communicates friendship, happiness and appreciation to those who make a difference in our lives.
Introduced 2011



Love of Learning Ornament Item Sku: 26192

Love of Learning Ornament

Open books, open minds



Wisdom Item Sku: 26122-1


A lifelong love of learning
4.5'' Tall



Love of Learning Item Sku: 26165

Love of Learning

Open books, open minds
5.5'' Tall



Demdaco Willow Tree® Collection

Department 56 - Teachers - Ceramic Village Buildings and Accessories
Echo Glen Little School Item Sku: 4044826

Echo Glen Little School

We can almost hear the bell in the tower ring to call the children to class. Who would believe that a new puppy followed a pupil to school and waits patiently at the door for the recess. This charming, red school house is one of the most beloved buildings in all of the Glen. Coordinates with item #4044830 “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe” Introduced 2015. Uses replacement bulb #99244.
5.5” x 4.25” x 6.25”



One, Two, Buckle My Shoe SALE!
Item Sku: 4044830

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

These 3 students make their way to class and create a game out of a mundane task. Coordinates with item #4044826 “Echo Glen Little School” Introduced 2015.
3.25” x 1.75” x 2”

$32.50 / $24.50   


The Jefferson Library SALE!
Item Sku: 4036529

The Jefferson Library

Coordinates with item #4036534 “All Is Safe Where All Can Read” More than any other President, Thomas Jefferson was a man of letters and holding a wide curiosity of all things. The more he read, the more he thought, wrote, and invented. Through inheriting and collecting he accumulated over 6000 books. After the British burned the library of Congress in the War of 1812, Jefferson offered to sell his entire collection for a greatly reduced price in the hopes of re-establishing this great collection for the use of the nation. Our Jefferson Library pays homage to this very literary man. Introduced 2014. Uses replacement bulb #99244.
6.75 x 5.25 x 6.5”

$95.00 / $71.25   


All Is Safe Where All Can Read Item Sku: 4036534

All Is Safe Where All Can Read

The key to unlocking the future is now and has always been when a child can read. This child is a fine example of that motto. Coordinates with item #4036529 “The Jefferson Library” Introduced 2014.
1.5 x 1.25 x 1.5”



Bringing Dickens Home SALE!
Item Sku: 4035570

Bringing Dickens Home

These children are lucky enough to be able to use the public library where they are allowed to borrow a couple of books to read. Coordinates with item 4035569 Ewart Public Library, Introduced 2013. Two children bring a library treasure home.
2” x .75” x 1.5”

$22.50 / $20.00   


Department 56 Fans Visit Ebenezer SALE!
Item Sku: 807227

Fans Visit Ebenezer

Set of 2. Coordinates with #805514 "Glensford School" A Christmas Carol. Introduced 2009
3.75 x 1.75 x 2.25" , 2 x 1.25 x 3"

$27.50 / $25.50   


Department 56 Collection

Gold and Silver Plated Austrian Crystal Ornaments for Teacher
24 K Gold Plated Mini Multi Apple Ornament Item Sku: 0229M

24 K Gold Plated Mini Multi Apple Ornament

Ornament with Austrian Crystal
1.25" x 1.25" x 1.75"H



Silver Plated Mini Apple Item Sku: SC0229M

Silver Plated Mini Apple

Ornament with Austrian Crystal
1.25" x 1.25" x 1.75"H



Gold and Silver Plated Ornaments

Karl Art - Hand Carved Ornaments for Teacher - Wood Carving by Karl Neubauer
Karl Art School Bus Ornament Item Sku: 100K

Karl Art School Bus Ornament

Approx. 3.5" Long
Hand carved
Made of wood



Karl Art Wood Carvings

KWO Smoker/Incense Holder - Teacher
KWO Book Keeper Smoker Item Sku: 21738

KWO Book Keeper Smoker

Hand Made of wood in Germany, Introduced 2014
Approx 9.5”H



KWO Smokers and Nutcrackers

Old World Christmas - Schoolteacher - Glass Ornaments
Teachers Apple Glass Ornament Item Sku: 36128

Teacher's Apple Glass Ornament

3 1/2''



School Bus Glass Ornament Item Sku: 46007

School Bus Glass Ornament

4 1/4"



Pencil Glass Ornament Item Sku: 32122

Pencil Glass Ornament

4 3/4''

$8.99 Each  


Old World Christmas Collection

Possible Dreams – Schoolteacher Santa Figures
Learn Something New New for 2017
Item Sku: 4057114

Learn Something New

It’s never too late to learn something new! Santa holds chalkboard art symbolizing the importance of teaching. Introduced 2017.



Possible Dreams