Wine Lovers

Wine Lovers
Wooden Nutcrackers
By Steinbach and Christian Ulbricht


Wooden Nutcrackers and Smokers - Made in Germany
Knox Cone Incense for Smokers
Wine Lover Nutcrackers, Smoker/Incense Burners, and Ornaments by Steinbach
Steinbach Nutcracker Musical Winemaker Item Sku: S1643

Steinbach Nutcracker Musical Winemaker

Wind-up musical, plays: “Trink, Trink, Bruderlein, Trink”
Introduced 2011.
Hand Made in Germany
Available Hand Signed by Karla Steinbach

S1643SK - $229.00 Signed by Karla 


Wine Lover Nutcrackers, Smokers, and Ornaments by Ulbricht
Summer Picnicker Nutcracker Item Sku: 0-432

Summer Picnicker Nutcracker

Summer picnicker holding a basket with bread and wine. Introduced 2016.
Hand Made in Germany
Limited Edition of 1000.

$310.95   Qty:

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