Wine Lovers

Wine Lovers
Wooden Nutcrackers
By Steinbach and Christian Ulbricht


Wooden Nutcrackers and Smokers - Made in Germany
Knox Cone Incense for Smokers
Wine Lover Nutcrackers, Smoker/Incense Burners, and Ornaments by Steinbach
Mini Wine Maker Nutcracker Ornament Item Sku: S4003

Mini Wine Maker Nutcracker Ornament

Introduced 2013, Hand Made in Germany
5.5” H
Wine Tester Smoker Item Sku: S775

Wine Tester Smoker

Smoker/incense holder. Introduced 2012, Hand Made in Germany
With scissors, grapes, and wine keg, this Steinbach Smoker Wine Taster is ready to sample this year’s harvest.
Available Hand Signed by Karla Steinbach
S775SK   Qty: $139.00 Signed by Karla  

Steinbach Nutcracker Musical Winemaker Item Sku: S1643

Steinbach Nutcracker Musical Winemaker

Wind-up musical, plays: “Trink, Trink, Bruderlein, Trink”
Introduced 2011.
Hand Made in Germany
Available Hand Signed by Karla Steinbach
S1643SK   Qty: $229.00 Signed by Karla  
Wine Lover Nutcrackers, Smokers, and Ornaments by Ulbricht
Summer Picnicker Nutcracker Item Sku: 0-432

Summer Picnicker Nutcracker

Summer picnicker holding a basket with bread and wine. Introduced 2016.
Hand Made in Germany
Limited Edition of 1000.
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