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Grand Canyon National Park Drinking Glass

Grand Canyon National Park Drinking Glass

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* Many consider the Grand Canyon one of the seven wonders of the natural world.
* At the widest point the Grand Canyon stretches 18 miles across.
* The canyon is tilted, the northern rim is 1,200ft higher than the southern rim.
* The Northern rim can receive snowfall anytime of the year.
* 800 million gallons of water flow through the Canyon per hour (the Colorado River).
* There are 1 million acres of land in the Grand Canyon.
* The rock found at the bottom of the Grand Canyon is around 2 billion years old.
* This natural wonder attracts approx. 5 million visitors each year.
* There are no dinosaur fossils at the Grand Canyon (there are fossilized footprints of early, small reptiles and amphibians).
* Temperatures inside the canyon are up to 30 degrees hotter than at the rim.
* The Grand Canyon eliminated the sale of water in disposable containers in 2012 (the plastic bottles took up 20% of the park's waste).
* The Havasupai tribe still lives in a village within the canyon. The village is only accessible via helicopter or mule trail.
* One rattlesnake species which lives in the Grand Canyon has a pink hue so it can camouflage with the natural rocks.
The design is amazingly rendered with vibrant colors plus silver and gold on a high quality 15-ounce frosted tumbler. Dishwasher Safe ( Top Rack Only) Made in Thailand