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Christmas Treasures LED Premium and Commercial Grade
LED Lighting Products by Holiday Creations Neo Neon Brand: The Gold Standard
Many Chrismas lights available in stores and online today are not the same quality or standard of what we have to offer for you with the Holiday Creations brand now operating as Neo Neon. Holiday Creations Neo Neon brand sets the gold standard for your holiday lighting needs and specialty lighting projects. Most LED Christmas lights found in stores or online today are made up of a 2 piece bulb construction which is more prone to moisture degradation and failures with outdoor exposure to the elements such as high wind, sun, rain, snow, excess moisture etc.

Many found in stores and online today are also not full wave spectrum running at 120 cycles per second or full wave but are half wave of 60 cycles per second which gives you a very noticeable flickering or strobing effect that is not desirable or pleasurable to look at. The color consistency of lights found in stores and online today normally varies as well which results in poor color and poor string bulb color consistency throughout the entire length of the string. Meaning your string could start out in one hue color and end up off color by the end of the string. Example, the string of led lights should be say red in color the string of lights may start off rich in red color but may end towards a weak off red pink coloring or consistency when the entire string should be rich in red color throughout the entire length of the strand. Or you may get into situations where every other bulb or many of the bulbs are off in color and do not match up right in regards to the color they should be for the entire duration of the string or set.

Our lights offered by Holiday Creations Neo Neon are engineered and crafted using the finest materials and of single piece fused bulb construction. This holds up well in the outdoor elements when compared to the 2 piece bulb construction found in most stores and online today. Holiday Creation Neo Neon lights are also a full wave spectrum which has no flickering or strobing effect like the product that can be found in big box or retail stores today. As a result our full spectrum lights offered by Holiday Creations are very enjoyable and pleasing on the eyes and very pleasurable to look at. Our Holiday Creation Neo Neon lights also have great color consistency, meaning you will have the same spectrum of color balance and hue across your entire string of lights from start to end.

Christmas Treasures offers the biggest year round selection and variety of christmas lights, different bulb styles and colors. We offer 6 different LED bulb shapes and 12 different color and multiple color combinations. You will find that our LED Christmas lights are not the least expensive on the market because these are some of the best and highest quality LED Christmas lights that can be purchased or found in the marketplace today.

You can purchase half wave lights for less money but be warned you will not be as happy with them when compared to the full wave cycle time of our Holiday Creations Neo Neon led lighting products. Keep in mind in general if the lights are cheaper or lower in cost they are most likely half wave and not high quality full wave lights offered here by Holiday Creations Neo Neon.

To help keep our premium and commercial grade LED Christmas light costs as low as possible they are packaged in poly or plastic bags only and not in individual cardboard boxes or bright and fancy packing material. This helps to keep shipping costs down, it also helps for large projects when hundreds of strings are required for installation. This way you don't have to spend so much time just simply opening up packaging material and going through it all to deploy and install your lighting project. That adds time and effort when the poly or plastic bag is very quick and easy for access and installation.

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