Willow Tree® Angels

Willow Tree® Nativity Figures and The Christmas Story

Simplicity and classic form mark this timeless scene. As enduring as the story it portrays, the Willow Tree® Nativity has become a part of families; a holiday tradition since it was introduced with the original Willow Tree® collection.
The Christmas Story is a story from the past…but the overwhelming emotions of holding a new baby, starting a new familly, and wanting to protect them forevermore are present today in every culture and every age.

Large Willow Tree® Nativity - 14.5” Scale
Medium Willow Tree® Nativity - 9.5” Scale
Small Willow Tree® Nativity - 7.5” Scale

The "scale" of a Nativity refers to the approximate height of Joseph, and the other nativity pieces are sized accordingly

Demdaco Willow Tree® Angel Collection

Large Willow Tree® Nativity - 14.5” Scale
The Christmas Story Item Sku:

The Christmas Story

Her name is Mary; His name is Joseph; The baby, Jesus Coordinates with #26174 Sanctuary 14.5”Tall
Gentle Animals of the Stable Item Sku:

Gentle Animals of the Stable

Set of 3. Coordinates with item #26173 The Christmas Story. Tallest piece is 5.5” H

The Christmas Story Sanctuary Item Sku:

The Christmas Story Sanctuary

The design of the Sanctuary is based on historical architecture. Its gothic arches symbolize protective havens in which people throughout the ages have gathered to seek inspiration and hope. The pieces are constructed of wood, hand-painted, and sanded for a distinctive finish. Coordinates with items #26173 The Christmas Story. 24” H
Medium Willow Tree® Nativity - 9.5” Scale
Nativity Set Item Sku:

Nativity Set

Set of 6. Behold the awe and wonder of the Christmas Story. Coordinates with #26106 Creche.
Tallest figure is 9.5”H
Zampognaro, Shepherd with Bagpipe Item Sku: 27183

Zampognaro, Shepherd with Bagpipe

A shepherd’s gift…a joyous melody…proclaiming the new!, Coordinates with item 26005-1 Nativity Set
Introduced 2013
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Three Wisemen Set Item Sku:

Three Wisemen Set

Set of 3. They followed a star and found the Light of the World. Coordinates with #26005-1 Nativity Set. Tallest figure is 8.5” H
Ox and Goat Item Sku:

Ox and Goat

Set of 2. Offering warmth and protection. Coordinates with item #26005-1 Nativity Set. Tallest figure is 3.5”H

Crèche Item Sku:


Simple in architectural detail, the Crèche has meaning built into its very design. It has a regal, stately appearance, yet is constructed from humble materials of barn wood and nails. The Crèche intimately shelters the Holy Family, then opens wide to welcome shepherds and travelers from afar. Coordinates with item #26005-1 Nativity Set 19.75'' x 11.25'' x 17'' Tall
Small Willow Tree® Nativity - 7.5” Scale
The Holy Family Item Sku:

The Holy Family

Introduced 2011
A child is born. Smaller in scale than the original Christmas Story figure, this Holy Family is an intimate rendering of quiet tenderness and humanity. Ideal for those who have limited display space, or wish to display a nativity year-round.
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Sheltering animals for the Holy Family Item Sku:

Sheltering Animals for The Holy Family

Set of 4. Giving watch, warmth, protection. Coordinates with item #26290 Holy Family.
Tallest animal is 3” H
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