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Santa with Fox Item Sku: 4053515

Santa with Fox

Introduced 2016. Designed to coordinate with Santa with Owl introduced in 2015, this new Santa has a fox in his arms. He carries his bag decorated with vine details and bells and crystal accents.
Approx. 7.7H
Expected Ship Date September 2016
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Deluxe Santa with Presents Item Sku: 4047699

Deluxe Santa with Presents

Introduced 2015. Gifts of the Season to Celebrate the Reason,
9H x 4.72W x 4.72L

Santa with Cookies Item Sku: 4047707

Santa with Cookies

Introduced 2015. May you plate be full of Blessings and Love,
7.68H x 5.31W x 5L
Irish Santa Item Sku: 4041214

Irish Santa

The Blessings of Christmas be with you, Introduced 2014.
7.68H x 4.45W x 4.45L

Santa with Nativity Item Sku: 4041215

Santa with Nativity

The Gift of a Carpenter, Introduced 2014.
7.68H x 4.45W x 5L
Santa with Child Item Sku: 4041216

Santa with Child

May All you Christmas Wishes Come True, Introduced 2014.
5.91H x 4.13W x 4.52L

Santa with Hearts Masterpiece Item Sku: 4034766

Santa with Hearts Masterpiece

Introduced 2013. Message: The Message is Love; Spread the word! Sharing the message of love during the holiday season. This 4th masterpiece Santa is designed with exquisite details from cascading hearts pouring from his sack to the sculpted heart inside his lantern. Sparkling crystal accents add the finishing touch.
12.32H x 8.66W x 8.5L