German Pyramids Windmills

German Pyramids Windmills

European Imports
Made in Germany

Heat from the candles turns the wooden blades on the top of the pyramid.

NOTE: Pieces may fall off or become un-glued during transit as German pyramid items are extremely fragile. It is the customerís responsibility to re-glue when applicable. We will not accept returns or exchanges for unglued pieces from German Pyramids. Thank you, Christmas Treasures Staff


Richard Glaesser Nativity Pyrami

Richard Glaesser Nativity Pyramid Item Sku: 16730

Richard Glaesser Nativity Pyramid

Hand Made in Germany

Wooden Holy Family and Wisemen on 1st tier, Shepherds on 2nd tier, Angels on 3rd tier, Hexagon-shape,
17" H
NOTE: Candles Not Included
Uses Candles 29317, 29318
Made in Germany

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The Pyramid was developed in a region of Germany where many people earned their living working underground in iron mines. The candlelit pyramids mirrored the miners yearning for light, associating it both with clean air inside the mines and their safe return at the end of the day. The first candle-driven pyramids were offered for sale on the Dresden Market at the beginning of the 19th century.

How Does a pyramid work?
When the candles are lighted, the warm air rising up through the blades of the propeller makes the pyramid turn. The slowly revolving pyramid with its soft candlelight is a centerpiece for any seasonal decoration.

How are pyramids made?
Check out this YouTube Video.