Fontanini 12" Scale Nativity

Fontanini Twelve Inch Scale Nativity Collection


Fontanini Holy Family

The Story of Bethlehem comes alive with these magnificent 12 inch scale figures.
Fontanini Holy Family Item Sku: 71911

Holy Family

Made In Italy
3 piece set
12" Scale Polymer/Wood . White Box

Holy Family - The night was slate blue with golden stars hung from the sky as if suspended on hooks. Cold air gusted as families across the Holy Land crawled beneath warm blankets.

Angels looking upon this barren region might have been surprised to find movement outside the city of David, but not Gabriel. God’s archangel knew exactly who the sojourners were as they slowly traveled the expanse of the land leading to the gates of Bethlehem.

The angel had been with the woman nine months before. He had delivered wondrous news with words of expectation. Sitting at her home in wide-eyed innocence, the Virgin Mary was told by Gabriel that she was to be the mother of the Son of God. The event was destined to change the world, and the young woman was afraid, but Gabriel comforted her and helped her through the coming months. He guided her soul as she prepared for the miracle…
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