Fontanini 5" Scale Nativity
Holy Family, Angels, and Saints


Fontanini Five Inch Scale Nativity Collection
A woman named Mary gave birth to her first born son. She wrapped him in swaddling clothes and lay him in a manger.
Great choirs of angels serenaded the tiny child as he slept.


Fontanini The Littlest Angel

Fontanini The Littlest Angel Item Sku: 54042

The Littlest Angel

Made In Italy
Watching from heaven, all the angels were in awe of the miracle of Christ’s birth. Each angel had a gift for the Newborn King. The Littlest Angel always knew what her gift would be, as she waited for her opportunity to present it. Sometimes Jesus would find himself awake at night. The Littlest Angel kept watch for these very moments and when Jesus awoke, but before he could utter a single cry, the Littlest Angel would appear to him with a book in her hands. She would sit beside the manger and read stories. As she read, the Littlest Angel would watch for sleep to come to Baby Jesus. When it did, she would close her book and wait nearby for the next opportunity to share her stories again.
Introduced 2010
5” Scale Polymer figure. 2” H
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