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Fontanini Five Inch Scale Nativity Collection
Bethlehem, the City of David, was the town of Joseph's ancestors.
Bethlehem was a vibrant, bustling town. Merchants and craftsmen practiced their trade in the village.


Produce Shop

Produce Shop Item Sku: 54321

Produce Shop

Made In Italy
Set of 3, Produce shop with grape basket and onion basket. Coordinates with item #52598 Nathan., produce Peddler. 5 Scale Resin. Introduced 2014.

Produce Shop - The produce shop was a very important source of food for the villagers. They could purchase or barter for a variety of fresh produce. Cucumbers and peppers overflowed from the crates. There were baskets full of grapes and pomegranates. Dried strings of garlic, dates, and figs were woven together and hung, while barrels and baskets brimmed with onions, nuts, grains, and beans.
7.75H x 9W x 4.5D

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