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What began as a personal hobby in the 1960's became the foundation for one of the most remarkable studios in the world: where the best wood-carvers, painters and designers from the remote Russian art villages could team up and create the wonderful folk art from throughout Russia. With perestroika, G. DeBrekht Artistic Studios became a reality, and the art or Russia came to the world.

Nestled in the valleys and along the great rivers of the vast Russian countryside, tiny remote villages have nurtured artistic skills for centuries. In Fedoskino, the first Russian lacquer art miniatures were made. In Kholui, they painted rich icons for nearly a Millennium, as in Palekh and Mstera. In Zhostovo, decorative painters made trays and artistic brooches. Today, the best artists from these and other art villages carry on their traditions now free to be seen by the world.
Christmas Treasures with Andrew and Vicky Gabricht

Patrick and Nancy with Andrew and Vicky Gabricht from G. DeBrekht Russian Treasures

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