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Gabriela Christoff Candy Containers
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Gabriela Christoff Statuettes
About Us

Gabriela Christoff is committed to producing and selling some of the finest holiday products available. We are known for our line of high-end Glass Ornaments, Ino Schaller Statuettes and Lavish Gift Baskets. We are dedicated to offering our customers the best products and service attainable.

Who is Gabriela Christoff?

Based upon the fairytale, Gabriela Christoff was born in a small town in Poland in 1863. Her parents were poor and bitter people who never celebrated the Christmas holiday. Unlike her parents, Gabriela had more holiday spirit than her entire small town. Late at night Gabriela used to create marvelous ornaments in her basement and in the morning leave her works of art as gifts on the steps of neighbors. The word soon spread throughout the land of these magical ornaments mysteriously appearing. One day a nearby neighbor caught her in her act. Gabriela Christoff soon became a household name and the demand for her Ornaments grew. Gabriela was a magical woman. Each ornament she produced seems to have her holiday spirit emanating from it.

Gabriela Christoff Glass

At Gabriela Christoff, we envision ornaments as heirlooms that can be passed down for generations to come. Each piece is designed with exquisite taste and unsurpassed excellence. Our glass blowers and craftsmen in Poland are professional artists who are the most skilled in the world. A Gabriela Christoff ornament takes seven days to create and is then inspected for absolute perfection. At Gabriela Christoff we are dedicated to bringing you the finest detail and quality attainable. Each piece is numbered and limited in production, after which the mold is destroyed. This ensures its authenticity and highest collectable value.

Gabriela Christoff Statuettes by Ino Schaller

The Schaller family’s artistry and the treasures they produce are of the utmost quality. Dating back to the early 1890’s in the quaint village of Neustadt, Germany, the Schaller family learned and perfected the art of creating the finest paper mâchè treasures available, including charming decorative Santa statuettes with hidden compartments for small gifts. Today the great grandson of one of the original mold makers continues the tradition, producing the same paper mâchè figurines his great grandfather had. To this day the Schaller family uses the same century old molds, some of which have been discovered buried in their backyard and hidden throughout their house. Special care is taken to ensure each piece has been carefully inspected before it ever leaves the workshop. Just like the antique Santa’s, ours has a secret compartment, perfect for filling with candy or jewelry. These Schaller’s are considered to be instant heirlooms, which can be cherished for years to come.

Gabriela Gift Baskets

We invite you to experience the most sensational gift baskets ever created. Here at Gabriela Christoff we fill our Lavish Gift Baskets with love, joy, happiness and some very fine products. Our Gabriela Gift Baskets are the perfect gift for any occasion!

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