Kurt S. Adler Fabriche Collection

Polonaise Glass Ornament Collection-By KSA


"Heirlooms of the past, treasures for the future."

Kurt S. Adler, Inc. introduced the Polonaise Collection in 1994; it was met with a burst of enthusiasm from glass connoisseurs around the world. The line has become incredibly popular since then, prompting the establishment of the Polonaise Collector's Guild in 1997. The Polonaise Collection is a dazzling array of glass ornaments which includes highly sought-after limited editions, an assortment of unique boxed sets and individual pieces. The artisans in Poland who practice a skill handed down from one generation to the next handcraft these spectacular ornaments. Created in the age-old tradition of master blowers, each piece is meticulously shaped in fine detail. They are silvered, lacquered and carefully hand painted in the most vibrant colors. The ornaments range in height from three to seven inches.

Komozja was established in 1945 when a blower named Kozak got together with a family called Mostowski and opened a factory of their own. Komozja did extremely well and even began exporting the ornaments to the United States. We believe each of these ornaments will become a treasured heirloom. Polonaise ornaments are meant to last a life time and be handed down from generation to generation, and will enchant your family’s Christmas for many years to come.

The products on this page have been discontinued.

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