Lefevers World of Sinterklaas

Lefever's World of Sinterklaas

Chalkware Santa's
Hand Made in Molalla, Oregon by Ila Lefever

All Santa's are Signed and Numbered Limited Editions


Lefever Santa Sitting with Puppies

Lefever Santa Sitting with Puppies Item Sku: L1211

Lefever Santa Sitting with Puppies

Solid Chalkware, Handmade in Molalla, Oregon, Limited to 100 Pieces, Hand signed and numbered.
Approx. 8H x 6.5W

$99.00   Qty:
The Poor Man's Porcelain

Chalkware, or "poor man's porcelain" became popular during the settlement of the West.

Traveling peddlers came to the Home Pages of settlers, their wagons loaded with large tins of plaster of paris and popular molds of the time. Figures were poured on the spot, and light painting was applied. The customers had decorative pieces for their Home Pages to replace the fine European porcelain figures they had left behind.

"World of Sinterklaas" Chalkware is poured in our Home Pages into molds we have made from our original sculptures, with a few molded from antiques. After that, our Santas take a much longer route to completion. Each one must be dried, painted, painted again, details added (Santa always has a twinkle in his eye, be he stern or jolly!), special antique mixture applied, brushed, then several coats of sealer for protection.

We are confident you will enjoy your special Chalkware Santa for years to come. We enjoyed creating him.

Thanks you!
Ila Lefever
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