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G12 - Series Premium Grade LED Lights Holiday Creations - LED Christmas Lights

G12 Premium Grade LED String Lights are perfect for Trees, Bushes, Garland, or Wreaths. Their round shape is great for Wrapping Trees, as there is no point for your wires to get caught on, and you get even light distribution no matter which way the bulb is pointing. They also look like little lit berries, which adds dimension to your display, and a nice touch to your garland or wreath.


LED Christmas Lights LED-Set of 70 Micro-Chip LED Lights G12 7/16'' Height Razzberry Shape Fuchsia-Purple

 Set of 70 Micro-Chip LED Lights Fuchsia-Purple Item Sku: 34612F

LED Christmas Lights LED-Set of 70 Micro-Chip LED Lights G12 7/16" Height Razzberry Shape


70 Premium Grade LEDs per string.
Indoor or outdoor use.
3.5 watts .03 amps per string.
4" bulb spacing - 6" lead/tail wire - 24' long
Standard Male/Female Plug Attached.
Can connect up to 45 sets end-to-end.
120V, UL listed. 22 gauge wire.
Green cord, green wire.
Plugs end to end and/or piggy back.
Comes Poly Bagged.
Premium Full-Wave 120 cycles per second.
Premium 1-Piece bulb construction.

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