Christmas Lights

LED Christmas Lights LED-Set of 70 Micro-Chip LED Lights Mini Ice Shape 3/4'' Height Pure White White Cord

Item Sku: 41643R

70 Premium Grade LEDs per string.
Indoor or outdoor use.
3.5 watts .03 amps per string.
4" bulb spacing - 6" lead/tail wire - 24' long
Standard Male/Female Plug Attached.
Can connect up to 45 sets end-to-end.
120V, UL listed. 22 gauge wire.
White cord, white wire.
Plugs end to end and/or piggy back.
Comes Poly Bagged.
Premium Full-Wave 120 cycles per second.
Premium 1-Piece bulb construction.
Why Buy Christmas Treasures Lights?
LED Christmas Lights Warranty Information and F.A.Q

NOTE: Minimum quantity of at least 4 strings required for purchase.